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Vitiligo Surgery

Vitiligo Surgery In Jamshedpur at B R Seva Sadan, Vitiligo is a chronic skin disorder that causes areas of skin to lose colour. It presents as depigmented (white) patches. Exposed body sites, such as the face, elbows, knees, hands and feet, are often involved, resulting in significant cosmetic concerns.

Vitiligo Surgery In Jamshedpur, The basic principle of surgical treatment is autologous grafting of viable melanocytes from pigmented donor skin to recipient vitiliginous areas. Various grafting methods are there including tissue grafts and cellular grafts. The differentiation and development of the epidermal cells is regulated by the dermis.

In surgical techniques like split skin thickness grafting and punch grafting, where both the epidermis and dermis are grafted, the graft retains some of the characteristics of the donor site, hence, the cosmetic outcome may not be an exact match. However, in suction blister grafting, cleavage occurs between the basal cells and the basal lamina of the basement membrane zone and only the epidermal portion of the donor area is grafted.

Hence, the graft generally acquires the characteristics of the recipient site, thus leading to a better color match and cosmetic outcome. Stability of the disease is the most important criterion to obtain a successful outcome. Counseling of the patient regarding the outcome is vital before surgery which will be done by our physicians. Our goal is to achieve complete re-pigmentation that cosmetically matches the surrounding normal skin. The choice of surgical treatment depends on the extent of vitiligo and the sites involved.

Why you should choose B R Seva Sadan for Vitiligo Surgery?

This institution was established in the year 1998 under the leadership of Dr. Rajeshwar Prasad Thakur and guidance of Dr. K.K. Singh and was gradually upgraded to an advanced skin, hair and Cosmetic Laser Centre and now it is headed by Dr.Rajiv Thakur. In the era of advance skin treatment, he established a new milestone to B.R.Seva Sadan.

The aim was to establish a center dedicated towards complete skin care with most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic facilities under one roof. To begin with we just had the vision and enthusiasm but in last few year we have extended the facilities as per to the best of Skin Centers in the country.

B.R. Seva Sadan & Cosmetic Laser Centre is a complete skin hospital with skin facilities like modern operation theatre, dermato surgery unit, cosmetology work station, photo therapy unit, laser surgery facility, Dermato pathology, diagnostic appliances like Wood slamp, Dermascope, Trichoscan and many others. It is also a Centre of excellence for the treatment of Vitiligo, Leprosy, Psoriasis & other Chronic diseases which are more of social diseases in our country.

B R Seva Sadan is a reputed skin care clinic at Jamshedpur. Where we provide best quality of skin treatment at an affordable price as well as patient’s satisfaction. You will get an experienced dermatologist Dr.Rajiv Thakur. He has completed his MBBS, D.V.D from Rajendra college of medical science, Ranchi and also done his D.N.B-I, FSASMS/Dermatology from Rajendra college of medical science, Ranchi. Dr.Rajiv Thakur is trained in laser and Aesthetic surgery from Thailand. He is the best Consultant Dermatologist & Cosmetologist in Jamshedpur. Who is specialist in Skin, Hair, Nail, Leprosy & Sexually transmitted diseases.